About Research

I’ve done research under the supervision of Prof Jiaqing Huang for almost a year. But in my view, Prof Huang is indeed not a good supervisor. The reason I hold this opinion is that he always pushs me to publish papers.

It is very hard for an undergraduate student to publish papers. Without a deep understanding of a field and the support of solid result, it is almost impossible for a researcher to locate the research direction and write a excellent paper. Both solid understanding and solid result requires devotion of time.

The deadlie of GlobeCom(Mar. 15) is approaching. Prof. Huang requires me to submit a paper to this conference. However, I couldn’t spend enough time in research because of my application. Although I’ve gotten some preliminary result, I still need a large amount of literation reading to support my research.

But time is not enough. To make the matter worse, prof. Huang have little knowledge of the research field I am involved. I couldnot find a profess familiar to my field, either.

Because of this reasons, I hold little hope for this paper.

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