Memory of Music

I was often jeered by others as a Desafinado in my childhood because of my voice. since my parents are average workers with little musical literacy, I have never received musical education. In fact, my knowledge of music is just a electrical organ brought by my grandparents, which was broken by myself later.

This situation continues until my sophomore year in the university. At that time, SECRET, Jay Chou’s first movie, was very popular among students. The melancholy tune of the movie greatly impressed me, activating my inner musical desire. Another reason why I like this movie is that I was in love with a girl similar to XIAOYU, the heroine of the SECRET. I have presentiment that the story between that girl and me will have the same ending with the movie. Although I tried my best, the predetermined thing still happened at last. To avoid the agony of departure, I plunged myself into Mathematical Modeling and Music. The sound of music was like a shield, protecting me from any sad sentiment. 

I also chosed piano as my optional class, which was a casual but lucky thing for me. I still remember the first day when I stepped into the art building of my university. It was a small yet elegant building located in a corner of the campus, a building can be easily recognized because of music drifted from its windows. I once introduced the art building to my foreign teacher as follows: "when you close your eyes and hold your breath, your heart will bring you to a place, that’s the art building." Whenever you cross the narrow corridor decorated by portraits of famous musicians, you can met one or two students with a score in their hands.

Mrs. Jiang, the teacher of the piano class, is a very beautiful and eager woman. She has spent all her efforts in the past 10 years, in her words, to spread the beauty of music to average students in HUST. Thanks to her efforts, I have the chance to touch the classical music. Since the number of students greatly surplus the capacity of Mrs. Jiang’s class, some students were transferred to the members of keyboard team to learn piano skills in detail. I learned piano firstly from Song Hongming, then from Liu Haokun. Song is a very lovely boy who has learned piano for 10 years. One of his habits is to collect the data of buses. It was said that he can remember all the bus number in Wuhan and Huangshi. Liu Haokun, the captain of the keyboard, is a charming person with high techniques not only in classical suites but also in pop pieces.

I have grown much in the past year accompanied by piano. Although my techniques are terribly bad in some senses, I like listening to the piano suites which can bring me to a holy state. Chopin and Beethoven are my favourite composers. Chopin’s nocturnes give me a sense of serenity and elegance, while his Polonaise show the Spartan side of the Piano Poet. Beethoven’s works has a distinctive mark of romance. Although his Pathetique was created before his deafness, the sonata still show the composer’s determined desire to take Fate by the throat. My favourite pianist are Li yundi and Horowitz. Yundi, the champion of 14th International Frederic Chopin Competition, has a unique temperament similar to Chopin, making him suitable for the expression of Chopin’s melancholic elegance. Horowitz is undoubtedly the most renowned classical pianist in the 20th century. His performance can always set up resonance in my heart.

The most lesson I learn from piano, or classical music in general, is that the the maturity of heart is also important to a person in spite of the accumulation of knowledge. The meaning of life is not just about the promotion of social state, bust also about the consummation of the soul.

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