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Here are the past newsletters for your reference.

Conan’s Newsletter No. 16

Shoe Dog — A memoir by Nike’s creator Phil Knight; Flying geese paradigm and the dilemma of Globalization;

The Revenge of Apple to Intel

One hot topic recently is that Apple released its new ARM chips — M1. It is not the first time Apple designs chips — Apple has successfully designed chips for its iPhone and IPads. It is also not the first time Apple uses non-Intel chips in its Mac products — Mac had Intel cores only…

Conan’s Newsletter No. 14

Market Curve; Moving upmarket for SMB SaaS; Grocers reassess the Instacart dilemma; How could plankton in the Cretaceous influence modern American politics? Going to any website in 2020;

Conan’s Newsletter No. 12

1) That will never work — a memoir from the less-famous co-founder of Netflix; 2) Scott Hanselman’s tutorial about productivity; 3) How to price your SaaS product. 4) Measuring the engagement of an open-source software community; 5) Cecilia Chiang, an S.F. legend and the matriarch of Chinese food in America, dies at 100.

Conan’s Newsletter No. 11

Modern Data Infrastructure Study by A16z; Interview of Instagram founders; Product Organization Structure for Innovation; Creative serendipity via Zoom; Tips from Sam Altman; A talented guy makes live clay sculptures; Covid make people crave for flying feeling; China accounts the 62% of global parcel volume;

Conan’s Newsletter No. 10

Tripartite Productivity System; How to debug remote work; Former CircleUp CEO shares a candid account of his journey; Tips from Okta CEO about decision making; Awesome visualization of the Gartner Hype Cycle; Pluto 1994 | 2018; View rocket launches from space.

Conan’s Newsletter No. 9

How the 1918 influenza impaired the judgment of a president and led to World War II; The interview of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek; Use Notion to build personal wiki; First video tape of snowball fight; Visualization of Satellite trajectories;

Conan’s Newsletter No. 8

Behind the Cloud: the story of Salesforce; Productivity Tips from Marc Andreessen; Visualization of the light speed; Lindy Effect;

Conan’s Newsletter No. 7

The social dilemma documentary; The attention merchants by Tim Wu; How to create an innovative culture like Netflix; Unusual light fluctuations of a star.


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