Pursuit of Happyness


I have just finished watching The Pursuit of Happyness stared by Will Smith for the second time. I wasn’t that touched when first watching this movie 2 years ago, feeling the life in the movie was too far away from me.


However, with two more years of life experience now, especially the hardship I have gone through in America, I become realize that it is not that far, and it is actually the story of you and me, of every person who would like to pursue their dreams.


This movie is about the story of a broken salesman who suffered much from poverty and misfortune, yet he never gave up and tried every method to change his fate and turn out to be successful stoke broker.


There are two scenes that touched my heart the most. One is when Will Smith and his son was kicked out of the motel and had to spend a night at the restroom of the subway. The strong man, who had never gave up after so many hardship and pain, cried for the first time in the movie when stroking his lovely son’s head. He cried because of his feeling of powerless to provide himself and his loving son the happiness and freedom that Jefferson has noted in the declaration of Independence. The second scene is the last part of the movie when Will Smith got the job and rushed to the kindergarden to embrace his son. Light shed into the room and the life would  no long be dark. He cried again as his perspiration and persistence turn out make an impossible thing possible.

Few people can be as misfortunate as the hero of the movie, however, most of us have the experience when we feel powerless, especially when we are a small potato. Myself is an example. As my qualification exam turned out to be a fiasco, I was at the edge of losing the RA job to support myself and the qualification to continue my Ph.D study. I felt the sense of powerless at that time. However, thanks to my previous efforts and help from several professors, everything becomes OK now.  


So whenever you get stuck into problems, just believe you can handle it and don’t give up, you will eventually figure it out.

Jing Conan Wang


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