Today is the day for Chinese College Entrance Exam(CCEE). Wishes all the students good luck!!

However, the cruel reality is that 90% students are doomed to lose the competition. It is the first lesson they will learn before growing up.

The competition in China, especially in rural area, is far more fierce than people’s imagination. I once talked with a Chinese Friend who originated from Beijing, where the situation is better, huh, only in comparison with other parts of China. Even he cannot believe there are some students need to got up at 5:30AM, study all day long until 11PM, without rest except for a little snap in the noon, let alone the American-born students who never spend one minute on their textbook at weekends.

I don’t support the reform of Chinese College Entrance Exam. You may not be able to understand why I favor such a sucking method of selecting talents, and why those students care College Entrance Exam so much? It is because it is the only chance for them to change their fate. For those Chinese students comes from poor family, it is impossible to apply universities abroad, impossible to get recommendation for independent admission through bribery, yet it is the only way in may places. They don’t have job arranged by parents or kinsfolks, lack the welfare that their peers could have in big cites. Even the college entrance exam is not fair enough, students in rural areas cannot enjoy as excellent training as their peers in big cites, but it is the most equal game those students can play in China.

I am a lucky guy that enjoy some of the advantages and I eventually survived the game. However, I know some friends who lose because of the disfavor of God. That’s a pity, but that’s the reality they have to accept.

Wishes all the students again.


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